College Football Betting – Preparing for the Season

College Football Betting – Preparing for the Season
While the college football season is still a little more than three months away, it’s never too early to start investing time handicapping week one games. Unlike the NFL, each college football season brings a number of questions and unknown quantities. That alone tends to give sports gamblers reason for pause before betting week one games.
The good news is there are several things handicappers can do to start preparing for the upcoming season. With the right amount of work and due diligence, it is quite possible to gather enough information to make betting on week one games a little less treacherous. The issue is knowing what to look for in the upcoming weeks.
Reading College Football Publications
Throughout the year, there are several good football publications and websites providing updated information about teams and players on regular basis. Some of this information is available for a subscription prices while the other information is made available or free. Good sports handicappers would consider these publications as tools of the trade.
During the spring and heading into the summer, handicappers will want to focus on incoming freshmen who could make a material difference with a college football program. With more and more college players heading to the pros as underclassmen, the younger players are being asked to contribute more, sooner. Handicappers should also focus on things like offseason injuries, disciplinary issues, coaching changes and player profiles. All this information is readily available in college football publications.
Experience Matters
Every year, there’s a significant amount of player turnover from one team to the next. When dealing with young players, playing experience makes a material difference. Handicappers should invest a great deal of time looking for teams that are either returning a lot of starting players or stand to be hurt by the loss of players through graduation or leaving early for the NFL.
If teams are returning a lot of starters on both sides of the line, they figure to have an easier time hitting the ground running in the early going. Experienced teams are always a preferred bet in weeks one and two. Conversely, bettors will want to avoid teams that have a lot of holes to fill on its roster, especially in the skill positions like QB, Running Back and Wide Receiver. With that said, caution is required. When top ranked teams lose players, they usually have blue-chip players coming in to replace the departed. In that case, the effects of departures should be discounted.
If you intend on wagering on college football games during the first week of play, you should start now with your handicapping, taking the information provided above into account. If you are going to be wagering through an online sports book, you’ll want to be sure to take advantage of any free bet offers you can find. For more information about free bets, you might want to check out this link, After all, sports gamblers need any advantage they can get.