Is There a Better Feeling Than Shooting a Game Winning Three Pointer?!


Scoring Three Pointers Makes You Feel Like a King on the Court


Sports are supposed to bring the best out of people, by presenting them with the impetus to get better. Healthy competition leads to progress and motivates players to persevere and improve themselves. In men’s basketball, individual skill is every bit as important as strategy and team play. Synergy between players and the ability to play together as a team makes the difference in the long run. However, on short-term, a spark of talent and a three-pointer scored at the right time can propel the team to victory.

The amazing feeling of scoring a three-pointer

Anyone who plays basketball can confirm the fact that the satisfaction generated by scoring a three-pointer is tremendous. On one hand, this is a personal effort that confirms the ability to focus and shoot from a long distance. On the other, these are the most valuable shots in basketball, so their impact in the economy of a match is more significant. Last but definitely not least, scoring a three-pointer can make you look good on camera, which also matters for professional players.

Obviously, not only NBA stars feel joy and personal satisfaction with scoring one from downtown. It’s a great feeling to score a three-pointer, but the best case scenario is to score one when it matters the most. A game-winning three-pointer in the final second of the match can send it into overtime or wrap it up. For professional athletes, big performances lead to awards and match winning shots don’t go unnoticed.

As far as punters are concerned, three pointers can be the icing on the cake or the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Few things are as thrilling as winning a back in the last second, when everything seems to be lost. At the same time, those who bet on basketball can definitely relate to the feeling of hopelessness engulfing them when the other team scores a three-pointer in the last second. At the end of the day, it is the thrills that bring so many people to the fascinating world of gambling. You can play here and jump on the roller coaster of excitement generated by casino games.

What it takes to score a three pointer?

Practice is obviously the most important ingredient in any recipe for success. The same goes for basketball and the most demanding shots require the greatest commitment. In order to score a three-pointer, you need a cool mind and a sure hand, especially when you make the attempt in the last few seconds of the match. The 4 step guide to shooting a three pointer from Stephen Curry should come in handy, given the fact that he is one of the best sharpshooters in the NBA.

stephen curry

The ability to score 3 pointers when it matters the most is rare even among NBA superstars. Those who succeed will remember their performance many months and sometimes years after it happened. It is quite an achievement for themselves and for the entire team and that’s why these wins are the sweetest. LaBron James knows how it's done and he’s had his fair share of game-winning shots over the course of his stellar career. Stopping him in his tracks is virtually impossible and he is lethal when allowed to shoot for three.

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