3/2 Men's Basketball Bubble Watch

Wake Forest beating Louisville on Wednesday night REALLY shakes up the bubble. Here’s our latest update:
Safe, for Now...
Seton Hall (9-8, 19-10)
California (10-6, 19-9)
Marquette (9-8, 18-11)
Providence (9-8, 19-11)
Last 4 In:
Syracuse (9-8, 17-13)
Signature wins: Duke, Virginia, Florida State, Miami
Bad losses: Georgetown, St. John’s, UConn, Boston College
Cuse is the 4th team in right now, but a loss at home on Saturday against Georgia Tech would be detrimental to their tourney hopes.
Wake Forest (8-9, 17-12)
Signature wins: Miami, Louisville
Bad losses: Clemson (twice)
Wake picked up their biggest win of the year last night, beating #8 Louisville. That win moves them into the field and puts them in decent shape. If they beat Virginia Tech on Saturday, they are a lock.
Illinois State (17-1, 25-5)
Signature wins: Wichita State
Bad losses: Murray State, Tulsa
Illinois State goes into the MVC tourney as the 1 seed. If they don’t get the auto-bid, they will be sweating it out on Selection Sunday.
Kansas State (7-10, 18-12)
Signature wins: Oklahoma State, West Virginia, Baylor
Bad losses: Oklahoma
Kansas State survived at TCU, winning by 1. That win keeps the Wildcats in the field, and more than likely eliminates the Frogs from at-large consideration. K-State still has work left to do though.
First 4 Out:
Georgia Tech (8-9, 17-13)
Signature wins: North Carolina, Florida State, Notre Dame
Bad losses: Penn State, Clemson, NC State
The Yellow Jackets picked up a key win against Pitt on Tuesday to keep them in the picture. A win over Cuse on Saturday would put them in, and take the Orange out.
Xavier (8-9, 18-12)
Signature wins: Creighton
Bad losses: lone
Six straight losses have sent Xavier from being a top-25 team to out of the field. With other Big East bubble teams surging, the Musketeers are in big, big trouble. They need a win against DePaul this weekend, as well as some key wins in the Big East tournament to climb back into the field.
Rhode Island (12-5, 20-9)
Signature wins: Cincinnati, VCU
Bad losses: LaSalle, Fordham
With 4 straight wins, Rhode Island is back in the conversation. If they go far in the A10 tourney, I think that will be enough. But for right now, they are on the outside looking in.
Utah (9-7, 18-10)
Signature wins: None
Bad losses: Stanford, Oregon State
Utah’s season is on the line tonight when they take on Cal. If they get a win there, they will be in strong consideration for an at-large bid. If they don’t, the Utes are NIT bound.
Next 6 Out:
Houston (11-5, 20-8)
Illinois (8-9, 19-12)
TCU (6-11, 17-13)
Ohio State (7-10, 17-13)
Georgia (9-8, 18-12)
Vanderbilt (9-8, 16-14)
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