Potential Football Playoff Scenarios

The four teams that will be competing for a national championship will be announced on Sunday and there are eight teams that could still hear there name called. Some have a better chance than others however, and Will Scott gives you all of the scenarios for teams that could still get into the field of four.
#1 Alabama 
Notes: Even if Bama gets beat 220-0 against a limping Florida team, they’re in.
Should Be In: 
#2 Ohio State 
a) Root for Wisconsin 
If the committee had to decide between Penn State and Ohio State, Buckeye fans would be sweating it out on Selection Sunday. It would be easier for the committee to decide between Ohio State and Wisconsin, considering the Bucks topped the Badgers back in October. Even if Penn State wins, I would be very surprised if OSU doesn't get in. 
Win And In: 
#3 Clemson 
Notes: If Clemson beats Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship, they are in. No question. 
#4 Washington 
With the Huskies being ranked 4th, if they win over Colorado, they're in. 
Need Help:
#5 Michigan 
a) Root for Wisconsin 
b) Clemson OR Washington loses 
c) Hope committee doesn't punish you for not winning conference 
Notes: Michigan is in a tough spot. They finished 3rd in the Big 10 East, and even though they are ranked ahead of Penn State and Wisconsin now, they may not be after the Big 10 Championship game. I would be surprised if Michigan got in. 
#6 Wisconsin 
a) Win 
b) Washington OR Clemson losses 
c) Hope committee doesn't punish you for loss to Michigan 
If it did indeed come down between Wisconsin for Michigan for the last spot, Michigan would probably be picked. The Badgers fell in the Big House 14-7 back in October, and that could ultimately keep them out of the playoff. Badgers fans need to root for chaos, which would be both Washington and Clemson losing. Also, don't forgot that Barry Alvarez is on the selection committee...
#7 Penn State
a) Win 
b) Washington OR Clemson loses 
c) Hope committee doesn't punish you for loss to Michigan 
Penn State's 49-10 September loss to Michigan could really come back to haunt them. However, Penn State did beat Ohio State, unlike Wisconsin, so that improves their chances of getting in. The Nittany Lions have a much better chance of getting in than Wisconsin, and I believe the committee would be making a mistake putting in Michigan over the Big 10 Champions Nittany Lions. 
#8 Colorado 
a) Win 
b) Clemson loss 
c) Hope committee places emphasis on conference titles more than the head-to-head matchup. 
There is a very good chance that the final spot could come down between the Buffalos and Wolverines. If that's the case, Michigan fans should be feeling good right? Wrong. Even though Colorado lost by 17 in the Big House back in September, they would have won their conference. Michigan would have finished third in their division. If Colorado has a chance, the committee has to care more about conference titles than the head-to-head matchup. 
Eliminated from Contention Last Week: 
#9 Oklahoma, #10 Oklahoma State 
The only chance Oklahoma and Oklahoma State had of getting in was a Penn State or Wisconsin loss last week. The winner of Bedlam will go to the Sugar Bowl. 
#15 Florida 
Florida had a slim chance if they managed to beat FSU and Bama. They were destroyed by FSU, and I don't expect anything different against Bama. 
It should be a fun Saturday!
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