Marques Bolden NBA Draft Profile


Marques Bolden, Freshman, Center, Duke


Marques Bolden is a center with impressive physical tools coming to play for Coach K this season. Standing 6’11” with an imposing 7’6” wingspan and great standing reach, Bolden is a prototypical NBA center. He has an inconsistent motor, but when he is dialed in he can run the floor on offense and protect the rim on defense. His length gives him the ability to block shots with ease, but his defensive awareness still needs polish. On offense, Bolden is very mobile and runs the floor well when motivated. He displays solid post footwork and touch, but is mostly limited to a solid left-handed jump hook for now. It’s important for him to develop more of a post game because he is not very versatile. He struggles from the free-throw line and is not a threat from mid-range. Bolden also needs to become more aggressive on the boards where he can be bullied despite his tremendous physical tools.

Final Projection:

Marques Bolden has quite a bit of work to do in his first year at Duke. He’s overflowing with potential, but hasn’t put it all together yet. Improving his motor would be very beneficial. Most of the knocks on Bolden’s game originates with his aggressiveness. With the size and length he was blessed with, there is no reason Bolden shouldn’t dominate inside on every possession. His limited versatility could negatively affect his draft stock, but if Bolden is able to perfect what he is best at and can show NBA teams he can be a force at center, he has a shot at the lottery.