Cristiano Ronaldo’s New Contract


The Signing of the Contract

Thirty-one years old footballer Cristiano Ronaldo signed a new contract with FC Real Madrid for the next 5 years. According to the contract, he will play in this football club before his 36 birthday in 2021 and for this he will receive 20 million euros per year. Thus he becomes the highest paid football player in the world. People say that one of the reasons for this signing was his great performance at Euro 2016 in France.

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Ronaldo’s Biography

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro was born in San Antonio, Portugal in the catholic family. He was firth child. His father was a municipal gardener. Cristiano grew up in poverty, he even had no his own room. He started play football in his early childhood. He played for amateur club Andorinha. When he was 10, he joined a local team Nacional. And 2 years later he began to play for Sporting (Lisbon). He played for this club until in 2003 he had signed a contract with FC Manchester United. He played in this club until 2009 and managed to score 196 goals. In 2009, he joined FC Real Madrid, where he has been playing for today and will play at least until 2021. In this club he had scored 244 goals. We can see that he had made himself and it deserves respect, just like people who bet on his victory using




Cristiano’s Capital

It’s a fact that Cristiano Ronaldo is the reachest footballer in the world. His income for 2015 year is 82 million euros. It’s more than Messi. Ronaldo’s marital is estimated at near 300 million euros. He earns not only by football. He has his own business, which include clothing line, a network of nightclubs and property complex. Cristiano also signs contracts with such brands as KFC, Emporio Armani, Herbalife, Banco Espirito Santo,Toyota and, of course, Nike. So now he isn’t in poverty and deserves respect.

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