Top 10 Women's College Basketball Programs of 2016

The idea of achieving success in life is tightly connected with gaining the attention to the personality. Each person tries to find the ways of realization: talent, ideas or thoughts. We all want to be involved in the life process.
Sport is one of the ways out. According to the ranks, basketball is in the top popular. The importance of the situation is in need to encourage teenagers to attend this one or any other.
Another persuading moment is that basketball may help in getting the college scholarship. The only thing you have to prove is your skill to play well and so far, the talent. The information, which has the background on custom essay writing, about the best colleges for women basketball, is given below.
1   The University of Connecticut – Connecticut Huskies. The reason it is famous is, first of all, in the ranks the team appeared in. It’s NCAA Championship score according to the latest data is 21. The advantage is also the fact six players from the team were given the highest reward in the basketball world – Triple Crown. The title was founded by NCAA.
2   Women's college basketball recruiting demands the skills, practical knowledge, and surely experience. To play in the top-rank team of the current year you have to do your best. Such description may be for the team of the University of Tennessee – Tennessee Accolades.       The riskiest moments occurred on play battles between this team and Connecticut.  What the team can be proud about – probably 13 Gold Olympians.  Meet them on the RPI competitions.
3   The University of Notre Dame – Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Their location is Indiana, their appreciation according to the data is 4.2. The best of it is the National Championship to be won in 2001. The other point to be proud of is the battle with Connecticut in 2012 when the team was ranked #2. The girls are doing their best to keep going in the National Four, which they have 7 in the luggage experience.
4   Baylor University – Baylor Lady Bears. Their web-site is full of comments, sure there are the negative one either, but in the majority they are supportive. One college student said once: the college work is oriented on the personal growth. Such process seems to show basketball women team members. The team became the National Championship holders in 2012. That time the players were unbeatable with the score 40-0.  Currently, the girls are struggling in the Big 12 National Conference.
5    Maryland University – Maryland Terrapins. It is one of the best colleges for the women’s basketball. The points to the total success score are the title of the current owners (in 2015 and 2016) rank #1 in Big Ten competition. The team is represented also as the founder of ACC. In some time, their history will be written in books.
6   Louisiana Tech University – all about classic. The original name of the team is The Lady Techsters. The peak of their era started in the far 1982. Since that time, they are considered to be successful playing in the NCAA leagues. What is especially good here – the person, who is training the girls at the present moment, is the son of the legendary Pat Summitt. If you want to pursue the basketball career seriously, be sure here you will gain all practical knowledge.
7   Duke University  Blue Devils. The team got success in 21 NCAA Tournaments, reaching its peak in 1999 and 2006.  The benefits here are obvious: except the essential training and the practical skills you will definitely gain, you will get the chance to play on the one pitch with basketball celebrities Elizabeth Williams, Chelsea Gray, Tricia Liston, and Jasmine Thomas.
8   Ohio State University – The Buckeyes. It is the team with its own fascinating history.  Their plays are rewarded, as also the basketball starts also got their recognition with WNBA titles. Some of them can be named: Tayler Hill, Samantha Prahalis, and others.
9   Florida women basketball is evident mostly because of the team of the University of Florida. Its name is Florida Gators. The colleges offer the wide perspectives of studying. However, there is another side of the coin, which is reproduced with its sports achievements. The main person for all the members is Amanda Butler – the current coach.
10  University of Oklahoma women basketball team is called the Sooners. The start of their career in the big sport goes back to 1970s. After some pauses, they became still competitive in the 1990s.
What is the main positive moment here – the members and the coach is going to share the experience, gained throughout the career. 
To sum up, to take part in the best basketball college programs you have to obtain the perfect qualities either. Just believe in yourself and put as much afford as possible in each action.