Big West Softball 2016 Preseason All-Conference Teams

Madness 2016 Big West Preseason All-Conference Teams
Big West Softball 2016 Preseason All-Conference Teams
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Field Player of the YearPitcher of the Year
Katie Hooper, Cal State NorthridgeChelsea Ponce, UC Riverside
Freshman of the YearCoach of the Year
Cielo Meza, Long Beach StateKelly Ford, Cal State Fullerton
First TeamSecond Team
PChelsea Ponce, UC RiversidePAshley Ludlow, UCSB
PChristina Clermont, Long Beach StatePBrittany Hitchcock, Hawaii
P/IFSierra Hyland, Cal PolyPChristina Washington, Cal State Fullerton
IFMeShalon Moore, UCSBIFArianna Palomares, UCSB
IFMissy Taukeiaho, Cal State FullertonIFHeather Morales, Hawaii
IFSavannah Horvath, Cal State NorthridgeIFMaylynn Mitchell, Cal State Northridge
IFLauren Lombardi, Long Beach StateIFHaley Harris, UC Riverside
IFKatie Hooper, Cal State NorthridgeIFDarian Tautalafua, Long Beach State
OFTaylor Glover, Cal State NorthridgeOFSamantha Vandiver, Cal State Fullerton
OFCourtney Rodriguez, Cal State FullertonOFJacqueline Hinojosa, UCSB
OFKristen Clark, UCSBOFJenna Curtan, UC Riverside
UTILSarah Moore, Cal State FullertonUTILRebecca Faulkner, UC Riverside
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