MLS for U


MLS for U?

Within the college sports roster there are core sports which would compete and succeed in such as football, basketball and baseball. But what about focusing on soccer at grass roots level? Could an individual with drive get to the MLS and how would they stand against some of the largest MLS stars? How is the MLS doing right now and what odds are on stars to have a successful MLS career? Essentially – should you focus on MLS as opposed to more traditional sports.

When you think of a sport as a youngster you may think of the biggest stars within that field – Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck in football. LeBron James in Basketball or even Bryce Harper or Josh Donaldson in Baseball. For Major League Soccer there is Shaun Wright-Phillips, Reo-Coker, Lampard and Gerrard. Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard have famously appeared for Chelsea and Liverpool and they now wish to make a real impact in the US. With players making an average of S140,000 a year – this a fair rate and one to be considered by those starting their sporting career. You could make a good living from MLS and also help to further push the popularity of the sport.

Americans still formulate the majority of the players in the MLS and this is great to see – it remains to be seen if more ‘senior’ players like Lampard and Gerrard entering the twilight of their playing careers can do well in the MLS. A cynic may say they are simply securing the most money in an easier league than their native one. Lampard and Gerrard have decided to boost their earning in the MLS as opposed to Ronaldo (the ex-Brazilian superstar). Ronaldo recently won S45,500 at a poker event in the Bahamas which has demonstrated an unusual career choice. Ronaldo will always be remembered for his 1998 appearance/non-appearance at the World Cup in France but maybe he will now be remembered for his gaming exploits! Many other famous sportsmen seem to have taken this path include Carl Froch who seems to enjoy the competition and also Rafael Nadal, these guys are showing there are plenty of other ways to make the moolah outside of their chosen sport.

For a more lucrative career for a Ronaldo style lifestyle it’s probably best advised to train and work hard for a football or basketball career but the MLS could be a more realistic target for kids in the US. There are opportunities out there such as MLS Jobs and the academies at LA Galaxy and Lampard’s new team at New York City Football Club. It’s for the sporting youth to think if the MLS and football is a potential route for them – with passion and commitment why not!