The Best College Sports Simulators to Replace EA's NCAA

The Best College Sports Simulators to Replace EA's NCAA

Since Electronic Arts, the veteran game publisher that, until the 2014 edition, supplied us with our daily dose of college sports simulation, has suspended the series, fans have nothing to play with between the seasons. But this is not entirely true - we have alternatives, even if they won't give us the same feeling / focus on college sports as EA's NCAA.


PC / Console Games:
Perhaps the best choice for an alternative to NCAA 15 (which was never released) would be Madden 15, another one of EA Sports acclaimed titles. What's best, it was created by EA Tiburon, the same developer that was responsible for EA's NCAA series until last year.

Another alternative would be to continue playing NCAA 14, and do some heavy modding. You can completely change the way the game looks and feels, giving you a fresh experience and lots of hours of play time.


Browser and mobile games:
From the simplest to the most complex, browser and mobile games are a great alternative to NCAA 14, although not so flashy and visually appealing, but with a lot of feeling and entertainment value. To be honest, when it comes to mobile games, football would not be my first choice.

I'd rather go with the great online games at the Swedish Royal Vegas casino, which are much more casual in nature - you can start and stop playing any time, and start where you left off with ease. The Royal Vegas offers you one of the biggest game libraries you can find - over 700 titles to choose from, half of which also work in a browser windows. Besides, it has over a hundred games that work like a charm on smartphones and tablets, so you can take it with you wherever you go. This way you won't miss out on the great specials it offers, giving you free cash to play with and amazing prizes to compete for.

ESPN has a great selection of browser-based games on its website. It has one of the best collections of sports games on the web, covering football, basketball, baseball and many others.

For iPhone users Backbreaker 2: Vengeance is considered one of the best football games money can buy (it costs $0.99 on iTunes), while for Android users Fanatical Football is the game of choice (this one is free).


Fantasy Sports:
Pick a team name, hire players, pitch your team against its opponents each week. Fantasy sports are the pastime of choice for thousands of players all across the States, with some providers even offering prized championships for their players. Fantasy sports websites cover baseball, basketball, football and soccer, but don't leave out sports like cricket, racing or hockey - it covers all the bases.

As you can see, alternatives are plenty. It's up to you what you choose - a visually appealing and immersive PC/Console game, a mobile game that you can take with you wherever you are, or a fantasy sports account which puts you in the position of a manager. There is only one thing that's important - to be entertained.