Men's Basketball's Top 250 Point Guards of 2014-2015

Men's Basketball's Top 250 Point Guards of 2014-2015

The smartest. The floor general. The leader. All three of these words describe point guards. The point guard carries a different burden in each level of basketball. In high school, point guards are almost always upperclassmen who can hit shots. Very rarely do you find an elite passing guard in high school ball. In the NBA, the point guard carries an even bigger burden. He needs to score, pass, and handle pressure. But, the hardest of all might be the college point guard. Why? Because so many people are expecting so much out of you each and every night, even if you are just a freshman. Most importantly, you need to be a leader on the floor. In the NCAA Tournament especially, a time of intensity, media attention and lots of pointed fingers, it's always the point guards that falter last. They aren't always the most exciting players on the floor, or the most athletic, but they are often times the toughest players on the floor, at least mentally. Through the next couple weeks, I'll be counting down my picks for the top 250 point guards in college basketball from this last season. The lists will be counted down in groups of 10.


Top 250 Point Guards

250 - 241

240 - 231

230 - 221

220 - 211

210 - 201

200 - 191

190 - 181

180 - 171

170 - 161

160 - 151