3/15 Men's Basketball Bubble Watch

Indiana's Yogi Ferrell
3/15 Men’s Basketball Bubble Watch
It’s finally here. Selection Sunday. Is your team in…or out? CSM writer William Scott breaks down the Bubble one last time before the field is announced.  See what names he thinks will be called at 6:00 ET tonight.
Last 5 in:
Please note: LSU currently avoids play-in game.
LSU (11-7, 22-10)
Good Wins: at West Virginia, Georgia, Ole Miss (twice), at Arkansas
Bad Losses: at Missouri, at Mississippi State, Auburn (twice), Tennessee
Notes: LSU would have been in comfortably with a win against Auburn in the SEC Tournament. Now? They will be sweating it out all day, but they should be in. Unfortunately for them, if UConn steals another bid, they will more than likely have to play a play-in game in Dayton.
Texas (8-10, 20-13)
Good Wins: at Iowa, at UConn, West Virginia, Baylor
Bad Losses: None
Notes: The Horns had the lead on Iowa State the whole game!! If they hang on and win they are comfortably in the tournament! Monte Morris’ buzzer beater will indeed make Austin nervous, but I think the Horns have done enough.
Temple (13-5, 22-10)
Good Wins: Louisiana Tech, Kansas, UConn (twice), Memphis (twice), Cincinnati,
Bad Losses: UNLV, St. Josephs,
Notes: If the committee chooses between Temple and Tulsa, you’d think they’d choose Tulsa, considering that the Golden Hurricanes swept the Owls. Wrong. Temple’s résumé is way more impressive, and that’s what gets the Owls into the field. But they shouldn’t be feeling that safe.
Indiana (9-9, 20-13)
Good Wins: SMU, at Butler, Ohio State, at Illinois, Maryland
Bad Losses: Eastern Washington, at Northwestern
Notes: Indiana, like Ole Miss, didn’t finish strong, but being in the tougher conference will get them in over the Rebels. It will be really, really close, but I think the Hoosiers strength of schedule will get them in.
Boise State (14-4, 25-8)
Good Wins: Colorado State, San Diego State (twice)
Bad Losses: Loyola Chicago, Utah State, at Fresno State
Notes: What puts Boise State on the bubble is the fact that it’s going to be VERY hard for the committee to put four Mountain West teams in. This is normally a two-bid league. With Wyoming stealing a bid, the Broncos are in trouble. If UConn steals another bid today, the Broncos may be heading to the NIT. Boise fans will be HUGE SMU fans today.
First 4 Out:
Ole Miss (11-7, 20-12)
Good Wins: Cincinnati, Oregon, Arkansas, Texas A&M
Bad Losses: Charleston Southern, TCU, Western Kentucky, Vanderbilt, South Carolina
Notes: The Rebels have lost four of their last five, and that’s not good. You have to finish strong to impress the committee. It may come down to them choosing between Ole Miss and LSU, and that won’t take long to debate, as the Tigers swept the Rebels. Ole Miss is the first team left out.
Miami (FL) (10-8, 21-12)
Good Wins: Illinois, at Duke, NC State
Bad Losses: Georgia Tech, at Florida State, at Wake Forest
Notes: The Hurricanes stormed back from a double-digit deficit to take the lead against Notre Dame, but still ended up losing. I said beforehand, if they won they are in, if they lost they are out. They lost.
Tulsa (14-4, 22-10)
Good Wins: Memphis (twice), UConn, Temple (twice)
Bad Losses: Oral Roberts, Southeastern Oklahoma State
Notes: If Tulsa had beaten UConn, they would be in. Instead? Tulsa is the 4th team out, and really don’t stand a chance today.
UCLA (11-7, 20-13)
Good Wins: Utah, Oregon
Bad Losses: Alabama, Colorado, California, Arizona State
Notes: UCLA was leading Arizona for a while, but couldn’t seal the deal. That win would have put them in the NCAA field. But at least the Bruins will be a 1 seed in the NIT.
Should Be Safe (Next 4 In)
Oklahoma State (8-10, 18-13)
Davidson (14-4, 24-7)
BYU (13-5, 25-9)
Colorado State (13-5, 27-6)
NIT Bound For Sure (Next 4 Out)
Murray State (16-0, 27-5)
Old Dominion (13-5, 24-7)
Rhode Island (13-5, 22-9)
Louisiana Tech (15-3, 25-8)


Now, if UConn wins today, this is the picture:
Last 4 In:
First 4 Out:
Boise State
Ole Miss
Miami (FL)
Who’s ready for MADNESS?!
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