The Start of Softball is Filled with Anticipation

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The Start of Softball is Filled with Anticipation

The season has already started, or will start this month, for more than 280 Division I women's college softball teams. The dawn of another season has athletes as well as coaches anticipating another good year or an even better year, especially if last year wasn't not as good as anticipated.

The start of another season is one where athletes, as well as coaches, are optimistic about the season ahead and hopefully it can be one of the best in the respective schools' softball history. For the seniors it is the culmination of a four-year career, while for the freshman it's the start of their four year  college softball career. It goes by fast enough, considering how long you've been out of college and the longer you are out the time seems to fly by. You realize how special the four years of college softball were and what it meant to you. It was a time of making maybe life-long friends and experiencing the joy of playing Division I softball. It's a time that you want to leave with good memories, not only for you individually but for your team as well, and hopefully this season, no matter if you are a senior or a freshmen, will be one of the best in the history of the school's softball program.

For some this year will be the last time they have an opportunity to play top caliber softball. It will be the last time for them to take the field for their university or college and it's amazing how fast the four years fly by. So, this is the last year of college softball for them and they will want to get the most out of the season and contribute to what will be one of the best seasons in the school's history.

For the freshmen it will be the start of their career and they are hoping to contribute. Some will start, while others may have to wait a year or two before they make their presence felt in the lineup and will be role players for now. Whatever their role, they must realize it is important to the overall success of the college softball program. Sometime during the season they will be asked to pinch hit or pinch run and it could be in a crucial game with maybe the conference championship or NCAA berth hanging in the balance. The key is to be optimistic and ready when called on to contribute in a crucial game.

Softball is a team sport and all team members must all pull together to accomplish the desired goal. It won't be as easy as expected because things will happen and unfortunately those things will come at the worst time possible. Maybe an injury to a starting player or a pitcher may not pitch as well as expected. If you are a freshman, here's where you need to be ready to fill the void and help your college or university out at the worst time possible. You will need the mental toughness to handle the situation and don't let down yourself or your teammates. It will be part of your maturity process during your four-year career and being mentally tough and ready to play to fill the void will be important.  If you are not starting, don't get discouraged. You will get your chance and when it comes make the most of the opportunity to help your team. Whether it's your first season of college softball or the last season, make the most of the year and enjoy playing game after game, inning after inning. Hopefully it will be a year to remember for you and your teammates. It's an opportunity you want to make the most of and contribute to what will be a milestone year in the school's softball program.