Can Anyone Stop Kentucky?

Can Anyone Stop Kentucky?

The Kentucky Wildcats of 2014-2015 are terrifying. Their recent overtime win over Mississippi may have shown that they aren't invulnerable, but they're damn close (and, you know, they DID still win that game). They currently sit at a perfect 14-0 and people are seriously wondering if they can be the first team to go undefeated since the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers. And they deserve that kind of praise.

With two months still remaining before the tournament, Kentucky is already miles ahead of the competition. One of the best illustrations of this is the odds they're being given to win it all by bookmakers. A survey of betting sites found through turned up just one giving friendly odds of even or better, at 6/4. On the flip side, odds in the 10/11 range were pretty normal, meaning a gambler wouldn't even be able to double their bet if they put money on the Wildcats RIGHT NOW. The next best team according to those same books? Duke, at a much lower 7/1.

So how have they done it? The simple answer, and maybe the best one, is that they're gobs more talented than anyone else. Since 2009, Kentucky has had the number one or two recruiting class in college basketball every single season, a trend that should continue as long as Coach John Calipari is in charge. The master of the one-and-done's recruiting prowess has already yielded one championship in 2012, and this year's squad looks well on their way to another one.

Another effect of the absurd depth on Kentucky's roster is apparent in just HOW they attack opponents. Much has been made of the Calipari deciding to roll out two squads of five players, alternating them like hockey shifts. Playing that way is really only possible with the types of players the Wildcats possess. While the system makes it harder for an individual players to blow up the stat sheet, it also means opposing teams can't key on any one player to try and stop Kentucky. Heck, they can't even key on any five. As of this writing, NINE different Wildcats are averaging at least 18 minutes of playing time and at least 5.5 points per game. Good luck stopping a team that can boast those kinds of numbers.

This team is certainly the best in college basketball this year, and probably the best in recent memory. If they can pull off the undefeated season, they will be in the conversation for the greatest team of all-time. And whether you love them or hate them, they are a team that demands your attention as they march towards history.