Kansas State vs. UCLA Alamo Bowl Game Breakdown


Kansas State v. UCLA – Valero Alamo Bowl, Jan. 2, 6:45pm

Kansas State and UCLA both had opportunities to play for their conference titles, and both could not get the job done.  Though the Big 12 does not have a championship game, the Wildcats were right in it at the end until they stumbled against Baylor.  UCLA had a lot of hype coming into this season (ranked in the top ten), but they could not win big games when it counted.  These are two quality teams that just found themselves on the wrong end of box score a few too many times.  This should be a very competitive game.  It all comes down to the quarterbacks.  Brett Hundley for UCLA is a high-end NFL prospect that has carried the Bruins for the last few seasons.  He is careful with the ball, and is a great dual-threat athlete.  On the other side, Jake Waters provides the same sort of skill set for Bill Snyder.  He rushed for 471 yards this season.  He controls the game with his ability to run.  There should be a lot of yards generated in this game, mostly on the ground.  It will be interesting to see how often the coaches choose to employ the quarterback run option.  The team that can stop it is the team that will win.

PREDICTION:  UCLA 38, Kansas State 34


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