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This Week in the SEC: Week 9

Last week was blowout central in the SEC. The average margin of victory was 33.5, including Alabama’s 59-0 beat-down of Texas A&M. Hopefully we will see some closer games this week, and one of them might be the Game of the Week. It’s week 9. Let’s go.





SEC Power Rankings: Week 9

1) Mississippi State (6-0)
Last week rank: 1
Last week: Bye
This week: at 8) Kentucky
MSU was off last week. Will it ruin their momentum? Dak Prescott says otherwise.

2) Ole Miss (7-0)
Last week rank: 2
Last week: W 34-3 vs 12) Tennessee
Ole Miss has been blowing out opponents lately, but now they go into Death Valley to play an improving LSU team. And I’m sure Katy Perry will be eating corn dogs all week.

3) Alabama (6-1)
Last week rank: 5
Last week: W 59-0 vs 9) Texas A&M
This week: at 12) Tennessee
A&M wanted to get back on the bus before the first snap. Nick Saban didn’t let them.

4) Georgia (6-1)
Last week rank: 3
Last week: W 45-32 at 11) Arkansas
This week: Bye
No Todd Gurley? No problem.

5) Auburn (5-1)
Last week rank: 4
Last week: Bye
This week: vs 9) South Carolina
Auburn is 4th in the SEC West, but 5th in the nation.

6) LSU (6-2)
Last week rank: 7
Last week: W 41-3 vs 6) Kentucky
This week: vs 2) Ole Miss
If LSU beats Ole Miss, Les Miles’ post-game press conference will be….there’s no word for it.

7) Missouri (5-2)
Last week rank: 8
Last week: W 42-13 vs 10) Florida
This week: vs 14) Vanderbilt
Missouri was very happy when Florida announced they were starting Jeff Driskel. He didn’t disappoint them.

8) Kentucky (5-2)
Last week rank: 6
Last week: L 41-3 at 7) LSU
This week: vs 1) Mississippi State
Kentucky QB Patrick Towles challenged the Tiger Stadium crowd, saying he liked loud fans. I’m sure he didn’t like them as much afterward.

9) South Carolina (4-3)
Last week rank: 13
Last week; W 41-10 vs Furman
This week: at 5) Auburn
South Carolina can thank the 4 teams they jumped for getting blown out last weekend.

10) Arkansas (3-4)
Last week rank: 11
Last week: L 45-32 vs 3) Georgia
This week: vs UAB
Yes, Arkansas moved up after a loss. But a 13-point loss is better than a 59-point loss. So there is your explanation, Aggies.

11) Texas A&M (5-3)
Last week rank: 9
Last week: L 59-0 vs 5) Alabama
This week: Bye
Let this sink in: Texas A&M got beat 59-0. Florida Atlantic and Southern Miss both gave Bama a much better game. (Ouch)

12) Tennessee (3-4)
Last week rank: 12
Last week: L 34-3 at 2) Ole Miss
This week: vs 3) Alabama
Can Tennessee upset rival Alabama? There’s a better chance of Bama winning 59-0 again than that happening. Sorry Vol fans.

13) Florida (3-3)
Last week rank: 10
Last week: L 42-13 vs 8) Missouri
This week: Bye
Bye week has come out as the early favorite over Florida.

14) Vanderbilt (2-5)
Last week rank: 14
Last week: Bye
This week: at 7) Missouri
Vanderbilt hasn’t lost in 2 weeks. Biggest surprise all season.


Game of the Week
#3 Ole Miss at #24 LSU
Saturday, 6:15 CT, ESPN

Ole Miss comes into this game looking like, well, not Ole Miss. Two straight blowouts over Texas A&M and Tennessee following a win over Alabama has the Rebels coming into this game with momentum, and a lot of it. LSU already has two losses this season, but has had two convincing victories the past two weeks over Florida in the Swamp, and a 41-3 thrashing of a good Kentucky team. So, are they back on track? We won’t know the answer to that question until Saturday, and Ole Miss is scared to find that out. It’s the Magnolia Bowl for Game of the Week.

The Breakdown:
We haven’t seen Bad Bo yet this season. Wallace has already thrown for 1,899 yards and 17 TD’s, and half of his 6 interceptions came in the first game. He’s had help from Laquon Treadwell and Vince Sanders on the receiving end, who have combined for 882 receiving yards and 8 touchdowns. And if Wallace watched the LSU-Auburn game, he should be feeling pretty good about putting up big numbers. LSU couldn’t stop the read option against Auburn, allowing 298 rushing yards. Bo Wallace has the ability to run the read option, so you gotta know Ole Miss offensive coordinator Dan Werner will have that circled in his playbook. However, Kentucky and Patrick Towles tried that last Saturday and it didn’t go as well. LSU’s defense held the Wildcats to only 71 rushing yards. So, has LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis figured out how to stop the read option? Ole Miss will be a much tougher test than UK, but maybe so.

The major problem for LSU has been at the quarterback position. Anthony Jennings has looked abysmal this season, only throwing for seven touchdowns in eight games, and has only averaged 131 yards per game. I know Brandon Harris did start one game, but still, those numbers are horrific. He can’t throw the ball downfield, and if he does, it’s probably going to be intercepted. The Rebel defense, AKA “The Landsharks,” will feed off of him. LSU has to figure out a way to get points, because this will be the best defense they play all season. They have depth at running back and receiver, but it’s hard to win without a QB. Expect Les Miles to run the ball a lot in this game.

I think the Tiger Stadium crowd will keep LSU in this game. Expected to be a sold out 102,000 fans, Death Valley will be electric on Saturday night. And it’s HARD to win there. Ole Miss is a much better team, but no matter how good the opponent is, they will have trouble in Tiger Stadium. LSU has looked good the last few games, and come in with momentum to match Ole Miss’, but I’m afraid it won’t be enough. You need a quarterback to contend, and LSU simply doesn’t have a good quarterback. It will be tight, but Ole Miss will go back to Oxford still unbeaten.
Score: #3 Ole Miss 24, #24 LSU 20


Other Games to Watch:
#1 Mississippi State at Kentucky
#4 Alabama at Tennessee

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