Top Reasons Why Most Sports Bettors Lose and How Can Start Winning

Top Reasons Why Most Sports Bettors Lose and How Can Start Winning
Have you ever seen a poor bookmaker? The house always wins (in the long run) but,
mainly this is down to sports bettors losing money overall.
There’s a shared belief that the odds are always against you since bookmakers make it
nearly impossible for their customers to win - which is only a half-truth. The house certainly
does have an advantage over their clients, but this isn’t the reason why most people lose.
The advantage bookmakers have is that they get to set the odds and lines and they do it in
such a manner that they passively make a commission (cost of using their services) on
each bet you place. Regardless, there are a lot of successful bettors who incur this cost and
still make huge profits.
The fact is, most people lose cash not because the odds are against them – but, because of
reasons which are entirely within their control.
Did you lose that £50 bonus from Netbet Sport in a flash? Or are you currently in a losing
streak? Here are three things you’ve probably been doing wrong and how you can fix them.
1. Poor Money Management
Sports’ betting has few certainties, but one fact you can always be sure about is that the
results might not go as you expected. This doesn’t have to be an issue if you are using your
money responsibly; but if you aren’t, then most likely you will end up going broke at some
Poor money management is arguably the number one reason why a lot of customers lose
money when betting on sports. Professional bettors who have gone bust for gambling
irresponsibly are an excellent example.
You can easily avoid this mistake with a bit of discipline and better cash flow management.
Always put money aside specifically for betting and set clear rules about how that money is
2. Placing Wagers for the Wrong Reasons
There are numerous strategies to apply when it comes to placing wagers. There’s no right
way to pick your selections; what is important is to place bets for the right reasons.
A lot of common mistakes people betting on sports make include:
- Placing wagers based on emotions or sentiments
- Placing wagers based on the odds
These two mistakes are among the top of the reason why people lose money.
There have to be sound reasons for making a bet. If you wager on high odds just because
of the possibility of winning big, or you bet on your favorite team, you are likely going to lose
a lot more money than you gain. Always do your analysis before making a bet and ensure
you are wagering for all the right reasons.
3. Betting Too Often
Betting a lot is just as much of a problem as placing wagers for the wrong reasons.
Unfortunately, a lot of bettors do this and this one more reason why many people lose
Being successful at betting is not based on picking as many winners as possible; it is
smartly identifying the right opportunities that support your judgment. Famous pro bettors
are known to go for long periods without betting just so they can find the right opportunities
to wager – which is why they make huge profits.
It is also advisable to limit the number of sports you bet on. Spend your time learning and
researching particular sports as you stand much better success betting on one or two
games that you are knowledgeable about.
Regardless of your proficiency in betting, you will always win some and lose some. But, if
you avoid the mistakes discussed above, you’re chances of winning may be greater.