Top 6 Online Writing Tools to Improve Your Academic Success

When you’re a university student, your everyday life becomes something of a juggling contest. You have to handle your studies, the time it takes to type up your essays, your research hours… and that’s all before you can even give a thought to your social life, extra-curricular activities, and generally trying to have a good time!
Nowadays, there are hundreds - if not thousands - of academic writing tools and apps out there, each vying for your attention and trying to get to the top of their game. As with anything on the internet, however, it goes without saying that some are more effective than others. You’ll be pleased to hear, then, that we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. Check out our seven favourite academic online writing tools below. Before long, you’ll be submitted essays and papers like a pro!
All of the above tools are great at what they do, but they can’t actually write your essays for you. If you’re really pushed for time, or are feeling too burnt out to sit down and do your work, or are simply in the mood to focus on other things. This service is an essay writing platform that has helped tens of thousands of students all around the world get the grades of their dreams. How? By connecting students with highly experienced academic writers who can formulate and type up your written work for you. No matter how tight the deadline is, no matter how obscure the subject.

Academic success is often just as much about effective time management as it is about getting to the library and doing the research. Time is extremely precious when you’re a student, and not least when you’re working on a major essay or thesis with the deadline looming. Bibme has been carefully designed to ensure that one of the most annoyingly time-consuming parts of essay writing - the references and bibliography - becomes as quick to do as it is simple.
This simple tool allows you to keep track of your sources and bibliography references while you study. When you’re ready to finish, you simply download the list directly into your document, and the references and bibliography are compiled and formatted in your choice of style. Easy!
Everybody knows the feeling: you finally drag yourself down to the library or in front of your computer, and start getting stuck into your research. However, as the hours go by, you realise you’ve come across countless great ideas… but you’ve lost half of them by the time you’re ready to start writing. Memomic is the perfect tool to counteract this issue, and it does what it does very well indeed. Quite simply, Memomic allows you collect all of those great ideas and resources in one place, and allows you to easily access them when you’re ready to type it all up.
Grammarly has become wildly popular in 2018, and for good reason. It’s one of the most accurate spell checking tools on the web, and its user-friendly format has made it a major hit with students and professional writers alike. Not only will Grammarly sort out all of those silly, irritating typos for you with just the click of a mouse, it will also assist with your grammar and writing stylistics, too.
Hemingway Editor
Sometimes, you don’t need a spell checker to make sure your writing is up to scratch. Sometimes, you need a tool which checks for other things: overuse of the passive voice, for example, or too many repetitions of the same word or phrase. Hemingway Editor is like having your own personal proofreader and style editor living inside your laptop, and students all over the world have loved the versatility and accuracy of this highly impressive tool. With just the push of a button, this fantastic tool can really help bring your writing up to a more professional standard, and make all those stylistic issues and concerns a thing of the past.
Thesis Builder
Every thesis is unique - this goes without saying. However, despite this, there are certain formats and templates which can help every academic writer achieve the grades they are hoping for, and Thesis Builder really helps you put together the outline for a winning essay. The best thing about this online tool is that it really requires very little input from the student; they just need to enter a few basic details, and let the tool plot out the template you can follow for success!